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Kolhapur is a historic Maratha city and also known as the land of magnificent temples. The district also derives its name from this city. Kolhapur is world famous for its Kolhapuri Chappals (foot wear) made of pure leather.

Mahalakshmi temple is the main attraction of all others. From the architecture style, it is believed that it existed form the period of Chalukya dynasty of the South Central part of India. But there are also people who believe that it was in existence even before that.

Not so far away from the Mahalaxmi Temple, lays the Rankala Lake or Talao. The surrounding area of the lake is converted into a picnic spot or a Chowpatti. Adjoining to the lake is the Shalini Palace. In the vicinity there is also a beautiful garden. The lake is full of fish and watching them itself would give enjoyment.

New Palace Museum is also a main tourist attraction like the Mahalaxmi Temple. It is still the residence of the royal family. However, a part of it is converted into a Museum and is open to public. Surrounding it there are garden, zoo and a lake.

About 20 kms away from the town is Panhala fort on top of a not so high hill, is also a tourist attraction. It is here the Ambabai Temple where Shivaji used go to seek blessings. The panoramic view from top of the hill is enchanting and refreshing.

It is also a milk producing district, with major diaries like Warna at Waranagar. It is a well developed township.

Kolhapur is well connected with Rail and Road Transport.

Mahalaxmi Temple

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